Gabriele Aramu

Gabriele Aramu Tramas

After graduating in Engineering in Cagliari in 2010, I collaborated with Progetto Casa Impresa, undertaking architectural projects and 3D graphical representations in the fields of social housing and sports centres. I analysed and developed the theme of contemporary housing unity, focused on adaptable and flexible models. It is from these studies that Sliding Hub stems from. This project was the finalist in the international Milano Design Camping competition and gained international interest from countries such as Turkey, Brazil, Sweden and USA. I have also worked for both regional public administration and for private customers regarding architectural projects and construction management. From 2012, I’ve been working freelance on design and construction management in the field of social housing, both public and private, with particular interest in energy saving and ecological sustainability dynamics. In parallel to this, I cultivate my interest for visual and product design, working on graphic composition on different communication media, winning in 2014 the “Make in Sardinia” competition in the “Green” category with the “DiViDi” product.