In the sweets sector, Sardinia offers excellent products that have gained international prestige. The traditional Sardinian sweets, strongly linked to geometric shapes, are almost exclusively for tray disposition but there is no product made to be used for serving them. Bobboi is a sweets tray in which they are positioned following a prearranged geometrical order.

The positioning is determined by a certain number of holes made on a white Plexiglas slate that sits on a rectangular frame. Such a disposition enriches the product, permits the tilting of the tray without the sweets falling over and creates neat and graphically endearing geometries. The combination of different sweets forms various scenarios that are a reference to the patters of Sardinian rugs.

  • Design: Mauro Soddu
  • Typology: Tray
  • Materials: Plexiglas
  • Awards: Finalist –  “Make in Sardinia” 2014