CNP House

The apartment accommodates the family of a professional soccer player that wished to display his prizes and the memorabilia of his career. Such a request was met by a wall of dynamic layoutOn it, in fact, there have been installed movable frames that can shift horizontally; making the layout interchangeable and customizable. The lower furniture is used as a computer station and to showcase the rest of the trophies.

The opposite wall is furnished with a large bespoke shelving space that extends all the way to the sealing with an irregular s-shaped base that become wide or narrow according to its function and the adjacent spaces. The materials used are white textured MDF and oak for the compartments and flooring.

  • Design: Mauro Soddu
  • Client: Private
  • Location: Cagliari
  • Job: Living room interior
  • Settled sum: 40.000 €