MNC House

Having brought a new apartment, a young couple decides to restructure the living area; the intended use of which would serve as dining room, relax area and studio. The keywords supplied by the client were “light, “space”, “dynamicity” and “cleanness”. The client also expressed a strong interest towards TV. With regards to this, the TV becomes a geometric and functional pivot for the room: by rotating it 360 degrees it can be seen, at the correct distance, from both the dining table and the couch; positioned at opposite ends.

The bent false ceiling embraces the two areas and enhances their logistic relationship. There are no separators in the living area: dining room, living room studio and passageway coexist, but they are nevertheless identified and hierarchised thanks to the different heights of the false ceilings. The studio contains two well-equipped walls that accommodate books and documents: if needed, one of them can be opened and used as a work table.

  • Design: Mauro Soddu
  • Client: Private
  • Location: Cagliari
  • Job: Living room interiors and construction management
  • Settled sum: 30.000 €