DiViDi is a product that allows users to differentiate waste while they are at picnics, on the beach or at day events. This gadget was created to promote ecological sustainability in waste disposal. It is both useful and easy to use: a cardboard packaging, contains four bags, each for a different type of waste. Having finished the meal, the bags will be filled and disposed of in the different public waste bins; along with the cardboard packaging.

DiViDi was awarded first place at the regional competition “Make in Sardinia” hosted by Sardegna Ricerche during the “Sinnova 2014” event. Moreover, it received honourable mention during the “2014 - Idee Innovative Che Migliorano La Vita”, National competition organised by CNI – Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri.

  • Design: Gabriele Aramu
  • Typology: Recycling system
  • Materials: Carton, recycled paper, compost bags
  • Awards: 1st place “Make in Sardinia” Honourable Mention “Scintille 2014”