Loi Woman

The premises of the store show clear and characteristic historical elements that have been maintained and enhanced during the restructuring process. The arches, the walls and the pavements have been cleaned and enriched. The light, that originates mostly from big beacons situated at the corners of the various areas, highlights the shape of the arches with a neutral light.

The objects used to uphold the clothing, made from oxidized iron, do not touch the ground. This way the historical pavement, made from clay, is preserved. The folded clothes rest on transparent counters preserving the visual continuity of the materia. The changing rooms are small 5m^2 cabins with full length mirrors.

  • Design: Mauro Soddu
  • Client: Loi
  • Location: Cagliari, via Sulis 20
  • Job: Interiors and construction management
  • Settled sum: 25.000 €