Loi Man

The historic dress shop LOI in Cagliari decides to open a new store in the town centre. The proposal aims to highlight the existing ceiling (characterised by a series of brick barrel vaults) and to preserve the recently renovated walls. The renewed flooring and the vaults direct the visitor’s attention toward the main wall overlooking the entrance: the tubular metal structures supporting the items are connected to them, fastened from the floor to the ceiling by means of a pressure system.

Each wooden shelf houses a LED light line which highlights the underlying items. The materials (iron and rough wood) give an industrial accent to the space, highlighted by the repeated presence of the antique flat iron: an object which is exhibited as in a museum and connected in a materials-oriented and thematic way with the rest of the clothes shop.

  • Design: Mauro Soddu
  • Client: Loi
  • Location: Cagliari, via Sulis 4
  • Job: Interiors, construction management
  • Contributors: Giada Cossu
  • Settled sum: 35.000 €