PNS House

Why should a wall be exclusively an element of division? In the PNS home a wall is first of all a duble face storage. Since the wall is intended for two different areas with diverse needs (passageway for the bedroom and day study area) it is made of two different “skins”: one more introvert for the bedroom area and the other more extrovert towards the studio.

Nonetheless, the two skins are inextricably bound: as the width of the storage space of one increases, the corresponding other has to decrease; and vice versa like a mathematical equation with two variables. The design stems from the use of golden ratios. The adopted materials are lacquered textured MDF and oak.

  • Design: Mauro Soddu
  • Client: Private
  • Location: Cagliari
  • Job: interiors, construction management
  • Contributors: Nicola Dessì
  • Settled sum: 14.000 €